Wire June 24 2013, 0 Comments

So the last few hundred kits I have shipped have been sent with some really nice Teflon insulated, tinned wire.  Unfortunately that wire was obtained (as with most of my stuff) from surplus sources.  A nasty side effect of awesome surplus deals is that at some point, you run out.  That just happened.

So now I am sending kits with wire that might sound a bit better, but is slightly harder to work with.  The new wire is Teflon insulated (the best) but the insulation is somewhat thin (better sonics, but harder to strip) and the wire is not tinned (better sonics but harder to solder).  These drawbacks are probably worth it to have really amazingly good sounding wire for no additional cost.

Yes, it comes from plenum rated Teflon insulated CAT-5 cable.  Stripped and coiled by loving hand by yours truly.  Best wire ever.