Audio Archaeology Field Notes September 29 2012, 0 Comments

 The thrift store was good to me today.  Picked up a single Electro-Voice Baronet.  It was too cool to pass up.  also got a pair of those old Radio Shack/Optimus die cast aluminum mini monitors.  I love those things from some reason.

Sadly neither speakers sound very good.  I think I'll give my guitar-amp buddy Bob the EV, and add the Radio Shacks to my growing wall o' speakers.

Oh, the antenna is a Radio Shack TV antenna from the 80s that fits a CB radio mount and is 1:1.3 SWR over the GMRS and 440 bands.  Awesome.  I bough all 4 of then for $4.69 each.  These were from Radio Shack not the throft store.  I can't believe they still had them in stock.