Photo Setup December 08 2013, 0 Comments

To get the photos of the kits, I used one of these light tents.  Basically the idea is that the indirect light eliminates any harsh reflections and shadows.  The strobes on both sides add to this effect and overpower the ambient light so that the light reaching the object from the overhead fluorescents I have in the basement doesn't cause harsh reflections.  The result is that you get a ton of color and detail.

To make the image as sharp as possible, I use a manual focus 50mm lens (Nikon 50mm/f2 on an adapter for my 40D) at f8 for plenty of depth of field.  It's not a macro lens, and only focuses to 2 feet, so it's not ideal, but is cheap and works great.  I also use a tripod and shoot everything with the self-timer to eliminate any camera shake.  The strobes are triggered with a cheap wireless remote trigger (Yongnuo RF-603), and the strobes themselves are $40 manual strobes (Neewer TT560).  As with all of my projects, the goal is low budget, hi fidelity :)