6c45pp Vacuum Tube Amplifier


Kit includes only the circuit board and all components.  Provide your own transformers, tubes, chassis, and connectors.

You will need the transformers, tubes, and chassis in addition to the contents of this kit. Please see the manual and blog post linked below for full details of what is needed.

Vacuum Tube Amplifier using a push-pull pair of Russian 6c45pi tubes per channel, and transformer input.

  • 6 Watts per channel
  • Push-pull
  • Dual-mono design.  You get 2 boards - one for each stereo channel.
  • Minimalist audiophile circuit
  • Nichicon Muse filter capacitors
  • Audiophile quality American made PCB

6c45pp Tube Amp Manual

In depth build description on the BHL Blog

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