JFET Buffer kit


Kit includes circuit board and all components.  Provide your own chassis, power supply, and connectors.

What does a buffer do?

A buffer stage is a simple zero-gain module that offers very high input impedance (~300k ohms) and very low output impedance (~50 ohms).  Because there are no standards for home audio that specify input and output impedance, and because audiophile minimalism often drives us to remove any parts of a circuit that are optional, it is a common problem with DIY systems to have impedance mismatches between components.  If you try to drive a low impedance load from a high impedance source (like a modern solid state amplifier from the BHL phono stage) it is possible to create a high pass filter that causes a loss of Bass and dynamics.  The buffer stage resolves this impedance matching issue.


New version of the board includes optional wire headers.  Use them for convenience, or solder directly to the board.

  • Minimalist audiophile circuit using the legendary 2sk170 JFET
  • High input impedance, low output impedance
  • Russian K40Y paper in oil input capacitor
  • Polypropylene film output capacitor (Dayton shown, multiple vendors used in kits based on availability)
  • Nichicon Muse filter capacitors
  • Audiophile quality American made PCB
  • Requires external 12-24VDC power supply
  • Assembled board dimensions (inches): 4.125 x 2.5 x 1.625 (height with standoffs)


Buffer Manual